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Sasanian plate with the favourite subject of the king hunting

Sassanid hunting scenes are narrative representations of the kings hunting animals on horseback with spears.

Small market portrait

This painting depicts the old bazaar and daily life, and its dimension, volume, and angle are included in it. This painting depicts a man selling clothes and a buyer and his wife and child, a man selling apples, a watermelon seller, and his apprentice in the other shops. In the other corner of the painting, there is a water seller man (Saqa). This occupation was common in the past. On the left side of the painting, there is a man standing and carrying some bread.

Childhood diary painting

This painting depicts one of the memories of childhood diary, reflecting that in the past there was no tap water and with great difficulty people would heat the water and thereby wash their heads and bodies in an iron or copper pan and were bathed by a younger mother and brother.

Darwish painting

It shows two dervishes riding on camels during the night.


This painting is a symbol of freedom that a person sets the caged birds free on a street.

Royal banquet painting

This painting is the narration of the royal feast and assembly, in which the king, the minister, and the dancing girls and entertainers are depicted.