Honey is a sweet and viscous liquid produced by bees and some other insects. Bees process honey from the sugary secretions of plants and flowers (nectar of flowers) or the secretions of some other insects.

Most microbes do not grow in honey, so it can be concluded that the most important property of honey is its long-term shelf life, so that not only does not spoil, but it is also used to keep some materials away from spoilage. Another is that this substance loses its nutritional value only if it is exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees.

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Economic Honey

Economic honey is produced from a combination of forty plants honey and astragalus and coriander honeys and in fact its main base is forty plants honey, which is used for flavoring astragalus and coriander honey.

Eucalyptus Honey

Eucalyptus honey Honey with a mild nature and special aroma is a product of the eucalyptus tree, the material and structure of which are diastasis, fructose and water. Marigold tree with dacia-shaped leaves and blue-green color that grows quickly and is sometimes seen to grow up to 90 meters in height.

Forty-herb Honey

Forty plant honey is actually called ordinary and economical honey available in the market. Forty plants honey, as its name implies, is honey obtained from the nectar of various plants. Forty plants means that the honey produced from a particular pasture is not consumed and the nectar collected by the bees that led to the production of forty plants honey is from different species of flowers and plants in nature, which is why it is called forty plants or several plants.

Konar Honey

Konar honey, also known as cedar, is one of the bee products that is especially popular among the public. The nature of the fruit is cold and it has many uses for hot tempers. But since no honey produced by bees has a cold nature and the nature of honey is warm, so the honey produced in it is also in the category of moderate honey.

Gavan Honey

Astragalus is a plant product that grows as a plant in the pastures. This honey is one of the quality, natural and very popular honeys in Iran, the most special type of which is honey.

Coriander Honey

Coriander, which is actually a type of mountain vegetable in the northwestern and western regions of the country, has very suitable pastures for honey production and is one of the fragrant plants that are available all over the world in the form of coriander leaves, stems and seeds and are widely consumed. Placed.